CalTek takes the headache out of hiring by simplifying your staffing efforts. This is just one of the advantages of using our service.

Here are some other ways your company can benefit from using our services:

    • CalTek recruiters have access to an IT and engineering resume database that no other recruiters have access to.
    • We provide our temporary employees with a matching 401k plan.
    • We do not charge our temporary employees a staffing fee for their employment with CalTek Staffing. This also adds to our high employee retention rate.
    • Our clients save money by not having to run advertisements. They also save time by not having to screen through hundreds of unqualified resumes.
  • Hiring a temporary employee enables our clients to reduce their overhead.
  • Our clients don’t pay for benefits or compensation, such as FICA, workers compensation, and unemployment insurance for temporary employees.
  • Our temporary to direct-hire option allows our clients to test-drive an employee before making a long-term commitment.
  • Our services can be used as a vehicle to bring people on to meet workload requirements in the event your company encounters a hiring freeze.
  • Our employees can fill in for an individual who may be on a prolonged sick leave.
  • Our services can provide short-term assistance to help with a work overload situation.
  • We specialize in the recruitment of highly skilled technical personnel.