How to find the right recruitment agency for your specific IT and Engineering staffing needs.

Are you tired of working with recruiters that don’t really understand what you are looking for? How many times have you reviewed the resume of a candidate that is not even close to what your hiring needs are? Frustrating isn’t it?

Finding the best recruiting firm for your hiring needs begins with finding a staffing agency that specializes in the types of personnel that you generally hire. For example, hiring managers that are looking for top notch Engineering, IT and Technical personnel, need to locate and utilize an engineering staffing agency. Staffing agencies that recruit executives, receptionist, clerical staff, nurses, etc will not have the expertise or resources needed to understand and locate the specific engineering talent that you need.

Engineering recruiters may not have the ability to design your products, but they will understand the skill sets it takes to perform the engineering job you are looking to fill. Competent engineering and IT recruiters understand that there is a difference between a Mechanical Drafter and Design Engineer even though they might both have experience working with AutoCad.

There are a lot of options for hiring managers to choose from when selecting engineering or IT recruitment agencies. It’s the hiring manager’s job to ensure that the staffing firm that they select has the resources and the training to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. A couple questions hiring managers should ask when considering a staffing agency is; what companies have you recently made placements with? What types of personnel did you locate for them? Don’t hesitate to ask a recruiter what their background is, or how long have they been recruiting technical personnel.

The bottom line is if you find yourself working with a recruiter that wastes your time by sending you resumes of candidates that are nowhere close to what you are looking for, they more than likely don’t understand your industry.

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  1. J.B. Preston says:

    Dear sir or madam,
    I would like to get more information on how to register with your recruiting service. I found you on a google search and you seem to be a great staffing company. I have been a Senior Field Engineer/Technical Lead on my last couple of jobs and am looking for something similar since my last contract ended. I have left on good terms with all of the companies I have done work for, either by lay off or contract end. I am open to contract to hire, but would prefer direct hire if available. I have been known as a valuable asset at each company I have worked for in the past and would enjoy speaking with one of your representatives. Thank you for your time and effort.
    J.B. Preston

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