Talent Recruiting Process

CalTek uses a hiring methodology that has been proven to produce the engineering and technical personnel that hiring managers can count on. This methodology includes a series of four steps. A CalTek recruiter will use this methodology to ensure that all job applicant resumes that are submitted for review are worthy of your time.


1.   Client Analysis

Temporary contract staffingCalTek recruiters understand that knowing what your company specializes in is a necessity. Asking the right questions and fully understanding your company is the first step.

3.   Recruiting

Talent RecruitingThis is what we do best!  Our experienced and well-seasoned recruiters coupled with CalTek’s expansive job applicant resume database, are the solution to your job openings. We are confident that we will locate your needle in the proverbial haystack.

2.   Job Requirements

job requirementsIf we don’t know what you are looking for, how can we locate the best options for your openings? Our recruiters will ask you for extensive details about your job opening. This information is vital to our locating the job applicants with the experience that you desire.

4.   Screening

talent recruitingEvery job applicant that we present to our clients has been thoroughly screened and referenced checked. This final step in CalTek’s hiring process helps ensure that submitted job applicants are indeed the best options for your openings.