Chemical Engineer #13133
BS(Chemical Engineering) with over 23 years experience as a Chemical Engineer. Experience includes process development, system integration, project engineering, technology evaluation, PFD's and P&ID's, diagrams, purchasing & contract negotiations, heat and mass balances, refinery and utility process system design, chemical process systems design, data acquisition, PLC/DCS programming, start-up & commissioning plants and equipments. Other exp includes NOx reduction systems, mfg facility design, hydrogen generation systems, partial-oxidation reactor, hydrotreaters, hydrogen generation and sulfur recovery, amine regeneration & sour-water treatment.

Chemical Engineer, P.E.(CA)#11879
BS(Chemical Engineering) with over 17 years experience as a Chemical Engineer. Has experience with design, equipment specifications, P&ID's, engineering calculations, design drawings, vendor quotations and prepared operating manuals for food processing industries, petroleum refineries (both process & utility systems), geothermal power plants & gas purification systems. Other exp with process and utility system design, synthetic fuels, hiperion hydrogen sulfide removal & cogeneration power systems design, flow diagrams & hydraulic calculations. Exp with plant management, R&D and design of catalytic reduction (SCR) NOx removal systems for combustion equipment.

Chemical Engineer #13777
MS(Chemical & Environmental) with over 10 years experience as a Chemical Engineer. Experience with material and process engineering, performed regulatory review of proposed regulations, developed recycling methods, processed waivers to EPA regulations and implemented process changes to metal processing, bonding, painting and cleaning processes. Other exp with the design of new clean room process lines & space shuttle waste water systems, development of filter system to eliminate freon from pressurized fluid system, chemical/physical failure analysis and laboratory scale design.

Chemical Engineer #6191
MS(Chemical Engineering) with over 14 years experience as a Chemical Engineer. Experience includes nuclear, chemical, environmental and natural resource conservation industries, environmental remediation, chemical process control, contract negotiations and writing presentations and technical reports. Other experience includes project management, design & installation of groundwater remediation, soil vapor extraction, air sparging and bioventing systems, developed plans for the closure of treatment, storage, and disposal facilities according to RCRA, chemical removal, soil/water sampling and implemented bioremediation technologies for the removal of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Chemical Engineer #13563
MS(Chemical/Biochemical Engineering) with over 3 years experience as a Chemical Process Engineer. Experience includes chemical mixing, P&ID loop control, PLC-HMI automation control, performed mixing and sintering process of the sol-gel fiber optics nanopore polymer fabrication and glass making. Has also developed automation of furnace system, software programming, RS-232/485, PLC, HMI & Opto22, stability testing, analyzed chemical formulation, USP/EP protocols & materials characterization.