Embedded Systems #17240
MSCS, BSEE, with over 25 years experience as a Software Engineer. Recent experience includes enterprise level client/server and real-time embedded software applications, development of a paperless patient medical record storage and retrieval system, robotics, life support medical system software, and designed controllers for microfilm cameras. Proficient with multi-tier, C/C++, J2EE, JAVA, OOP, SQL, XML, SOAP , CORBA, ORACLE, VISUAL STUDIO, LABVIEW, WIN -NT, UNIX, VxWORKS, VRTX , SOLARIS, HP-UX, TCP /IP, PL/M, MOTIF, GUI, ASSEMBLY and ADA.

Embedded Systems #19766
MSCS, with over 10 years experience as a Software Engineer. Recent experience includes developing embedded firmware and DSP code for digital imaging sensors, customized camera firmware, LCD user interface design, audio recorder firmware, USB drivers, and developed an embedded fax firmware module. In-depth knowledge of ASSEMBLY, C/C++, JAVA, MATLAB, SUN, MPEG, JPEG, DCF file system, TCP/IP, TI Code Composer, microprocessors, micro-controllers, ARM, x86, SUPERSIM, MAXSIM, ICE, RTOS, TI DSP/BIOS, VxWORKS, UNIX, PVCS and SCCS.

Embedded Systems #27802
MSEE, with over 15 years experience as an Embedded System Engineer. Recent experience includes firmware and hardware design (Analog/Digital), with a background in control systems, data acquisition, instrumentation, digital video (Flat screen, CRT ), and telecommunications. Additional experience writing C-code for Microchip's microcontrollers, DSP, VHDL code for Altera's FPGA, I2C interface, EEPROM, ADC , CPLD, DC-motor control, ADC , DAC, Ethernet, RS232, MOTOROLA, INTEL, VISUAL C++, VB, LABWINDOWS/CVI, TOSHIBA, PADS, TI, ZILOG and ATMEL.

Embedded Systems #23640
BSEE, with over 15 years experience as an Embedded Systems Designer. Recent experience includes full life cycle development, software design for power systems, printers, post-production devices, Ethernet switch's, and firmware design to control large UPS . Additional skills include porting of WindRiver TMS managed software under VxWORKS, ARM 7 processor, BSP, SSP , SNMP, GARP, IGMP, VLAN, ARL , CLI , C, ASSEMBLY, and INTEL Microprocessors.

Embedded Systems #19808
MSEE, with over 8 years experience as a Real-time Embedded Firmware Developer. Recent experience includes real-time embedded development in C/C++ and ASSEMBLY. Additional experience with board level mixed signal hardware design, Servo and DSP hardware, MOTOROLA and INTEL microprocessors, digital logic design, VERILOG, VHDL, FPGA, CPLD devices, ASIC verification, TESTBUILDER, SYNOPSYS, POWERPC, A/D & D/A Converters, Stepper motors, RS-232, IEEE, ETHERNET, TCP /IP, PSPICE, ORCAD, VIEWLOGIC, SCSI, and VISUAL C++.