Industrial Engineer #13419
MBA; BS (Industrial & Manufacturing Technology) with over 22 years experience as an Industrial Engineer. Experience includes industrial engineering, cost reduction, ISO 9000 product packaging methods, updated BOM's, work sampled operations & eliminated non-value added cost and prepared the Mile Stone chart of progress. Other exp includes pilot runs, re-engineered product lines, examined line flow for bottle necks, developed labor standards, established budgets, equipment justification & conducted safety meetings for aerospace & commercial products. Skilled with POWERPOINT & AUTOCAD.

Industrial Engineer #7209
BS (Manufacturing) with over 5 years experience as an Industrial Engineer. Experience includes cost reduction through labor standards, time studies, identify process improvements & created operating procedures. Other experience with project management from conception to completion, manufacturing processes, methods improvements, facility planning, capital equipment justification & lean manufacturing. Skilled with CAD/CAM, SDRC IDEAS, CANVAS, CADKEY, FORTRAN, VISIO, EXCEL, ACCESS, MS WORD, POWER POINT & LOTUS 123.

Industrial Engineer #2893
BS (Industrial Engineering) with 9+ years experience as an Industrial & Manufacturing Engineer. Experience includes manufacturing operation from design, fabrication, evaluation and implementation of processes, process improvement & corrective actions. Other exp with production machines, fixtures and documentation, automating processes, work cells, process mapping, cost analysis, time and motion studies, labor cost, BOM's, ECO's, CAM, developed routings, work flowcharts & test and validation procedures. Skilled with EXCEL, MS PROJECT, WINDOWS, KANBAN, J.I.T , KAIZEN & CAD.

Industrial Engineer #9291
BSME with over 25 years experience as an Industrial Engineer. Experience includes setting methods and labor standards, reorganizing work flow, reducing waist of materials, relocating & redesigning workstations and equipment. Other experience with productivity corrections, generate productivity reports, prepare annual industrial engineering budget, cost improvements, plant engineering, productions standards, feasibility studies, workflow analysis and workplace layout. Skilled with AutoSketch, TurboCut, EXCEL, and MS WORD.

Industrial Engineer #14193
BS (Industrial Engineering) with over 22 years experience as an Industrial Engineer. Experience includes traditional industrial engineering, business operations, scheduling, work plans, supported LEAN initiatives, audits and value stream mapping. Other experience includes production unit supervision, manpower forecasts, unit cost, budgeting, accelerated improvements, crew loading, rate tool analysis, SPC, plant layout, time studies, line balance and capital equipment justification.