Mechanical Engineer #15301
BSME with over 13 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer. Experience includes the engineering and design of propulsion, power generation systems, turbine systems and control systems, analog/digital architecture & PLC system design. Has designed solid & liquid rocket engines, turbojet engines & high pressure turbine pumps. Has performed verification & validation, test, risk and failure analysis. Familiar with many different programs & tools such as PRO-E, CADRA, AUTOCAD, PRIMAVERA, WINDOWS, etc. (Secret Level Clearance)

Project Manager(Research & Product Development) #12719
PhD (Polymer Engineering) with over 16 years experience as a Project Manager. Experience includes research & product development, processing and production of high volume advanced chemicals and structures. Other exp with process scale-ups, strategic planning, production processes, plant design, novel manufacturing development, new product development, robotic manufacturing, prototype development and production equipment design. Additional experience includes exploratory research, cost reduction, product improvements, material handling & fluid delivery equipment, cruise missile fabrication, advanced resins, polymer composites, lenses, and golf ball production.

Product Engineer/Manager #10698
BSME and over 6 years experience as a Product Engineer. Experience includes product and project management, product development, production launches and engineering & business development. Hands on experience with product development life cycle from initial development through validation testing & production launches, product design, prototyping, testing, cross-functional reviews & production ramp-ups. Other exp with product design improvements, program documentation, drawings, specifications, lean manufacturing, FMEA, BOM's, SPC, DOE, 6 SIGMA, MS OFFICE, PROJECT & VB.

Mechanical Engineer/Project Engineer #6775
BSME with over 20 years experience developing electro-mechanical products involving precision mechanisms, structures, controls, electric motors, hydraulics, pneumatics, logic control systems, automation, sheet metal and custom automated equipment. Has designed oil drilling equipment, semiconductor equipment, hydraulic presses, pumps, etc. Advanced calculations and analysis including stress & FEA, total project life cycle, concept, design, manufacturing, testing & installation. Skilled with AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, CADKEY, MS WORD, EXCEL & MS PROJECT.

Mechanical Design Engineer #7991
MSME with over 23 years experience as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Experience includes primary & secondary aircraft structure design, aircraft modifications, composite and metallic material, wing and fuselage structure design and analysis, composite engine nacelle, aircraft interiors, fabrication processes, tooling & program management. Has also designed airborne radar structures, body skin, cabin shells, mechanisms and test fixtures. Skilled with UNIGRAPHICS, CATIA, PRO-E, PRO-MECHANICA & AUTOCAD.

Product Design & Development Engineer #6841
PhD (Biomedical Engineering) with over 9 years experience as a Sr. Scientist. Experience includes research, design, development, project management, new product conceptualization & development, development plans & specifications of medical devices, patient monitoring and drug delivery systems. Other exp includes R&D, bio-medical instrumentation, real time systems, microprocessor controlled systems, data acquisition systems, A/D and D/A converters, control systems, sensors, stepper motors, temperature controllers, QSR, IDE, GMP, ISO & EMC. Skilled with ORCAD, TANGO, AUTOCAD, C/C++, PASCAL, BASIC, ASSEMBLY.

Mechanical Engineer #14919
BS(Aerospace Engineering) with over 10 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer. Experience includes complex mechanical systems design and integration, project management, automation machinery, tooling & fixtures, E/M packaging, machine components, sheet metal enclosures and mechanism design. Experience with stress/deflection, shock and vibration analysis. Very proficient with SOLIDWORKS, AUTOCAD, COSMOS, INVENTOR, and SOLID Designer.

Research & Development Design Engineer #14601
MSME with over 9 years experience as a Research & Development Design Engineer. Experience includes R&D, design, testing, business proposals and project management for medical products, robotics, bio-mechanics, telecommunications & fiber optics. Other experience with injection molding, rapid prototyping, machining, mechanisms, gears, cams, sprockets, sheet metal enclosures, injection molded components, motors, linkages, kinematic synthesis, quaternion theory, motion interpolation, BOM's, ECO's, CE & ISO 9000 certification. Skilled with BASIC, ADA , FORTRAN, C/C++, OPEN GL, OFFICE, MAPLE, MATLAB, PHOTOSHOP, VC++, FRONTPAGE, AUTOCAD & UG.

Product Development Engineer #10147
BA (Applied Physics) with over 25 years experience as a Product Development Engineer. Experience includes product & business development, product management, research & development, product design and testing for medical & dental, consumer electronics and opto-telecom industries. Has additional experience with ISO standards, product pricing, contract negotiation, BOM's, ECO's, medical & surgical laser systems, dental diode laser systems and optic pressure sensors.

Mechanical Engineer #15001
BSME with over 9 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer. Experience includes electro-mechanical, casings, mechanical components, RF, PCB layout, connectors, snap interfaces for electro-mechanical assemblies, video monitors, electronics devices and transponders & receivers. Also has experience with design, FEA, thermal analysis, stress analysis, EMI/RFI, tolerance analysis & experimentation. Highly skilled with AUTODESK, MECHANICAL DESKTOP and PRO-E.