Software Engineer #11024
BSCS, with over 7 years experience as a Software Engineer. Strong background in object oriented analysis, design and programming, including design patterns and component design. Extensive experience working with video/image analysis, text-to-speech, lip sync engines, and 3D players to render animation. Proficient with C/C++, VC++, VB, WIN 32 API , STL , MFC , OPENGL, JAVA, UML, COM, LEX, YACC, PERL , C#, . NET , XML, C SHELL SCRIPTING, J2ME, RATIONAL ROSE, VISUAL STUDIO, CVS , INSTALLSHIELD, PROJECT, SEDRIS, OPENFLT and VRML.

Software Engineer #17008
BS, with over 7 years experience as a Software Engineer. Recent experience with designing and implementing a 32-bit, object oriented, multithreaded WINDOWS based software product that provided a GUI between a scientist and a robotic control system, OOD, real-time systems, hardware design for robotic liquid handlers, and embedded controllers for real-time motion control of mechanical systems. Proficient with VISUAL C++, MFC, C++, C#, JAVA, VB, SAS, PASCAL, ORACLE, SQL SERVER, TCP/IP, UDP, MDL, MSI, ASP, .NET, RS232, IEEE, CAN, USB, COM, IIS, LINUX & PERL.

Software Developer #13400
BSCS, with over 14 years experience as a Software Developer. Highly skilled in object oriented programming, internet development, XML, client-server infrastructure, business analysis, and application integration and customization. Extensive background in the full project development lifecycle, browser-based application development, multi-tiers middle-ware development, and database development. Proficient with JAVA, C/C++, VB, EMBEDDED SQL, VISIO, SGI , RISC 6000, ASP, COM, DCOM , MTS, ADO , WIN -NT, UNIX, LINUX, JDBC, ODBC, IIS, APACHE, PERL , HTML, XML & XSLT.

Software Engineer #16882
MSCS, with over 12 years experience as a Software Engineer. Well versed in object oriented programming principals and design patterns, solving hard to diagnose serious software failures, intelligent error handling logic, large multi-threaded gateway server, and critical batch service activation utilities. Extensive experience serving as a Team Leader in the design, implementation, and debugging of software systems. Proficient with C/C++, JAVA, PERL , SOLARIS, HP-UX, LINUX, WIN -NT/2000, ORACLE, SQL* PLUS , PRO*C, PL/SQL, MYSQL, VC++, STL, RATIONAL ROSE and UML.

Software Engineer #808
MSCS, with over 6 years experience as a Software Engineer. Strong skills in the design and development of object oriented and relational database systems, complete software release cycle development, and designing complex real-time transactional systems using OOA and OOP. Additional experience in design, development and benchmarking of highly scalable and performance intensive systems, multi-threading, multi-tasking, and client-server technology. Proficient with C/C++, JAVA, UNIX, SOLARIS, ORACLE, UNIX SCRIPTING, TCP /IP, RATIONAL ROSE, UML, PRO*C, VB & VISUAL CafU.