Packaging Engineer #30404
BSME, with over 6 years experience as a Packaging Engineer. Recent experience includes electronic packaging design, thermal analysis, heat sink recommendations, managed overseas subcontractor assembly houses, designed substrates for 225um flip chip and fine pitch wire bond, board mounting and rework, environmental restrictions and created internal packaging web page. Also has experience designing and sustaining of semiconductor packages, created assembly flows and packaging specifications and evaluated new package assembly materials. Proficient with FLOTHERM, AUTOCAD, CADENCE APD, ANSYS, POWERPOINT, FRAMEMAKER, C and HTML.

Packaging Engineer #26608
BS (Packaging), with over 16 years experience as a Packaging Engineer. Recent experience includes designing and testing a retail product packaging system, support sustaining medical product packaging launches into international markets, sterile and non-sterile packaging systems for custom medical device kits and validation of new packaging tooling. Also has experience designing protective foam and corrugated packaging solutions for retail and commercial markets, expendable and returnable packaging systems for HVAC compressors and designed new packaging for auxiliary power units. Proficient with AUTOCAD, CADAM, BPCS and AGILE WORKPLACE.

Packaging Design Engineer #20888
PhD, with over 3 years experience as a Packaging Design Engineer. Experience includes packaging for MEMS based variable optical attenuators (VOAs), arrays, modules, analysis of stress and temperature distribution and their effects on polarization of materials, stiction, hysterisis, vibrations, joint/fixture design for assembly and testing of VOAs, epoxy bonding and high volume production. Also has experience with optimization of laser welding packaging processes, developing alignment algorithm and automation of photonics packaging process, flip chip packaging and optoelectronics packaging. Proficient with ZEMAX, AUTOCAD, MATHCAD, LABVIEW, C++ & VB.

Mechanical Packaging Engineer #14620
Over 19 years experience as a Mechanical Packaging Designer. Recent experience includes packaging design of various storage enclosures that accommodate multiple disk drives, PCB's, power supplies, cooling fans, gravity/roller conveyors, bottle sorter equipment and mixers. Also has experience with the design and preparation of mechanical fabrication drawings of computer sub-systems, sheet metal parts, BOM's and fiber channel units. Proficient with AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, INVENTOR, MECHANICAL DESKTOP and MS OFFICE.