PCB Designer #15826
Over 19 years experience as a PCB Designer. Recent experience includes PCB design, Electro-mechanical design, E/M packaging, design thru-hole high density phased matched power supply and control boards, multi-layer SMT, optical driver boards, port router cards, food/water sterilization systems, design RF boards, cellular amplifiers, laser optic components, EMI shielding, sheet metal, and rack & panel. Proficient with CADENCE ALLEGRO, ORCAD, PCAD, SPECTRA ROUTER, CAMTASTIC, PADS POWER PCB, BLAZE ROUTER, AUTOCAD, HIGHWIRE, and BGA.

PCB Designer #17288
Over 20 years experience as a PCB Designer. Recent experience includes designing high speed boards, controlled impedance, differential pairs, microstrips, striplines, matched lengths busses, clock routing, RF boards, analog, digital, TTL, ECL, CMOS, single sided, double sided, multi-layer boards, SMT, fine-line design, auto-insertion, and auto-placement. Additional experience with high volume manufacturing, DFM, DFT, Telecordia, IPC, NECs, CADENCE ALLEGRO, PADS, PCAD, and VANGUARD.

PCB Designer #21888
Over 23 years experience as a PCB Designer. Recent experience as a Senior Circuit Board Designer skilled in all disciplines of board design including analog, digital, hybrid, substrate, and the design of RF circuits with EMI considerations in the space, defense, telecommunications, aircraft and commercial industries. Additional experience with packaging design, high power amplifiers, PADS POWER PCB, CADENCE ALLEGRO, PCAD, CAMTASTIC, AGILE, ORCAD, AUTOCAD, and SOLIDWORKS.

PCB Designer #11462
AA, with over 25 years experience as a PCB Designer. Recent experience includes the design of high-speed digital boards, mother boards, optical networking systems, hand/blaze router, high density RF boards, edited Gerbers using CAM 350, and schematic capture. Proficient with PADS POWER PCB, ORCAD, VIEWDRAW, POWERLOGIC, AUTOCAD with EPD, CADCAM, CADENCE, PCAD, and COMPUTERVISION.

PCB Design Engineer #21684
BSEE, with over 9 years experience as a PCB Design Engineer. Recent experience includes designing density boards up to 30A 115VAC mix Analog/Digital, BGAs, Ethernet RS-232 circuit sections, DRC checks, Polar Imp. Cal. for Strip/Micro-strip lines, and Current/Trace thickness calculations. Also has experience designing PCB of test fixtures, wrote macro-interactive run files, SMT, pneumatics, prototype ventilators, and electrical wiring diagrams. Proficient with CADENCE ALLEGRO, MENTOR GRAPHICS, VIEWLOGIC, ORCAD, AUTOCAD, CAM 350, and UNIX.