RF/Microwave/Antenna Engineer #16329
MSEE with over 18 years experience as a RF/ Microwave/Antenna Engineer. Hands on experience with various types of RF, microwave, mm-wave antennas and radomes for spacecraft, missiles, aircraft, shipboards, satellite ground stations, wireless and GPS antennas. Experience with multiple beam, active, phased array, waveguide & dielectric lens antennas, Cassegrain/Gregorian, dual offset reflector antennas, frequency hopping multiple beam, mesh & reconfigurable reflectors, micro strip & slotted waveguide array antennas, L-S band and radome sandwich structure design & analysis.

RF Design Engineer #11113
BSEE with over 20 years experience as a RF Design Engineer. Experience includes PLL/Synthesizer, VHF/UHF, Microwave, transmitter & receiver circuits, RF communications systems, audio analog and wireless. Hands on RF receiver & transmitter circuit design, test and integration, low phase noise, L-Band, C-Band, direct digital synthesis, RF Subsystems, bread boarding, testing and modification, VCO's and analog & digital circuits design.

RF/Microwave Engineer #759
MSEE with over 12 years experience as a RF/Microwave Design Engineer. Experience with RF & microwave, wireless communications and analog circuit design. Other experience includes active & passive devices, RF transceivers, high power devices, PCB layout, gain, return-loss, sensitivity, group delay, phase noise & intermodulation. Has experience with up & down link sub-systems, low noise frequency converter, voltage controlled am-modulator, mimic gain-block, IF & microwave synthesizer, low phase noise, none phase-hit VCO, PLL's and transmitters & receivers. Skilled with EAGLEWARE, TOUCHTONE/LIBRA, AUTOCAD & POWERLOGIC.

RF/Microwave/Antenna Engineer #14069
PhD(Electrical Engineering) with over 20 years experience as a Principle RF Engineer. Experience with the design & testing of antenna & microwave systems, millimeter wave, low observable antenna testing, Ku-Band, 28 GHz millimeter wave pyramidal horn array, high gain backup antennas, radome RCS testing, offset fed parabola with multiple feeds, GPS antennas (Spiral, Quadrafilar & Patch) & adaptive antenna design. Additional experience RF transistors, radar antennas and antenna acceptance test procedures. Skilled with SONET, HFSS & AGILENT.