Mechanical Engineer #8807
BSME with over 6 years experience as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Recent experience includes the design of automated and robotic assembly workstations and R&D of new product line and assembly components. Other experience includes industrial automation machinery, robotic pick & place, vision systems, heavy industrial machinery and tooling for mass production of various products. Has managed projects from concept through completion, purchased components and has prepared model and detailed designs using AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS and PRO-E.

Mechanical Designer #12629
Over 11 years of experience as a Mechanical Designer. Experience includes the concept and design of various machinery that consist of custom linear motion stages, servomotors, stepper motors, linear & Piezo motors, sensors, pneumatics and microscopes with edge detection technology. Other experience includes the design of custom automated equipment, robotics, conveyors, vacuum/standard mixers, measurement scales, lead screws, cross roller bearings and limit switches. Skilled with MECHANICAL DESKTOP, AUTOCAD and SOLIDWORKS.

Mechanical & Systems Engineer #16371
MSME and 16 years experience as a Mechanical & Project Engineer.
Experience includes detailed design of high-resolution optical systems, high speed precision motion axes, fluid handling & delivery and PC/ CNC / PLC controlled machinery for the biotech, medical and aerospace industries. Other experience includes high speed manufacturing equipment, high production rate equipment, high-end digital microscope systems, pneumatic & hydraulic systems, machine tools and custom test equipment design. Also has experience with machined parts, sheet metal, plastics, weldments, SLA rapid prototyping and electrical systems design. Skilled with SOLIDWORKS, AUTODESK INVENTOR, AUTOCAD, MECHANICAL DESKTOP & ZEMAX.

Sr. Engineer #12019
BSME with 25 years experience as a Mechanical Engineer. Recent experience includes the custom design of automated assembly, processing & packaging equipment for various medical device manufacturing. Additional experience includes project management, custom modifications, robotics, vision systems, ultrasonic welding, laser cutting and printing. Also has experience with custom designed silicon wafer handling equipment, high speed container labeling machinery, automated parts design, material handling machinery, automation and R&D. Skilled with AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS & PRO-E.

Mechanical Design Engineer #9685
BS with 15 years experience as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Proficient in the conceptual and detail design of special-purpose machinery, unit material handling systems, robotics and special remote control maintenance equipment. Other experience includes the design of custom automated assembly and testing machines and electro discharge cutting machines. Has experience designing and developing a pipeline inspection and cleaning device transporter & linear & rotary solenoid air valves. Skilled with AUTOCAD, MICROSTATION, CADKEY, SOLIDWORKS & MS OFFICE.