Structural & Mechanical Design Engineer #26244
BSME, with over 6 years experience as a Structural/Mechanical Design Engineer. Recent experience includes designing primary and secondary structures of the Engine Section and Payload Fairing (PLF), design lead for structural load qualification tests, prepared detail, assembly and installation drawings. Additional experience with simulators, instrumentation and test article assemblies, shrouds, thermal blankets, flight support equipment (FSE), stress/mass property analysis, tolerance stacks, honeycomb panels, flat pattern development, machined parts and castings. Proficient with UNIGRAPHICS, CATIA, AUTOCAD, ANSI Y14.5 and GD+T.

Structural & Mechanical Designer #3802
Over 20 years experience as a Structural/Mechanical Designer. Recent experience as Lead Designer on adapting the Calcor Aero Systems Variable Exhaust Nozzle on TFE731-60 engine. Also has experience designing overwing floor beams for Boeing, thrust reversers, refrigerator indoor refreshment center, buss bars and various components for low/medium voltage circuit breakers. Additional skills include connection drawings, sheet metal parts, assemblies, complex castings, machining, forging, molded plastic parts, and complex airplane structures. Proficient with CATIA, COMPUTERVISION CADDS 5, AUTOCAD, CADKEY, SOLARIS, PRO-E (Training), ASME/ANSI, MAS, MIL-STD and ISO 9000.

System & Structure Design Engineer #22604
BSME, with over 19 years experience as a Structures/Systems Design Engineer. Recent experience includes primary and secondary aircraft structures, mechanical subsystems, armament, hydraulics, environmental control systems (ECS), engine build-up (EBU), thrust reversers, prototype space vehicle, Interface Control Documents (ICD) and tube routing for hydraulics, oil and drainage. Additional skills include design and detail of the aileron support ribs for the fixed trailing edge of the 737-X wing, compound-contoured and constant-body skin panel assemblies and mechanism design. Proficient with CATIA and CADAM.

Structural & Mechanical Design Engineer #18206
BSME, with over 17 years experience as a Structural/Mechanical Design Engineer. Recent experience with layout and design of structural attachment of solid rocket motors, heavy lift vehicles, integrated fittings, struts, thermal protection, ordnance subsystems, engine section redesign, composites, titanium and design of honeycomb structure using graphite epoxy skins for the payload. Additional experience includes test fixture design, pump module ORU structure, aircraft fuselage structural design, pressured docking tunnel, solar array and design of platform sections and propulsion modules. Proficient with UNIGRAPHICS, CADD, CADAM and CATIA (Training).