Software Engineer #15344
MSEE, with over 10 years experience as a Software Engineer. Recent experience as a Chief Architect responsible for GUI design, client application design, OOP, Web programming, embedded systems, telephony, messaging APIs, and GDI concepts including bitmap and imagelist manipulation. Additional skills include SUN Certified JAVA Programmer, ACTIVE X Controls, C++, RATIONAL ROSE, JBUILDER, VISUAL STUDIO, MFC , ATL , C#, VB, VB. NET , COM+, COM, DCOM , CORBA, JSP, XML, ASP, ADO , SQL SERVER, ORACLE, ODBC, VxWORKS & TORNADO

Software Engineer #27802
MSEE, with over 15 years experience as an Embedded System Engineer. Recent experience includes firmware and hardware design (Analog/Digital), with a background in control systems, data acquisition, instrumentation, digital video (Flat screen, CRT ), and telecommunications. Additional experience writing C-code for Microchip's microcontrollers, DSP, VHDL code for Altera's FPGA, I2C interface, EEPROM, ADC , CPLD, DC-motor control, ADC , DAC, Ethernet, RS232, MOTOROLA, INTEL, VISUAL C++, VB, LABWINDOWS/CVI, TOSHIBA, PADS, TI, ZILOG and ATMEL.

Software Engineer #13502
MSEE, with over 10 years experience as a Software Engineer. Recent experience includes real-time software development in C and ASSEMBLY for embedded systems, dual DSP control systems, analog to digital conversion, and developed a wireless communication and control system. Also developed a high-precision global positioning system utilizing the THREAD X real-time operating system, and wrote drivers to communicate with FPGA and ASIC baseband hardware. Proficient with INTEL, MOTOROLA, ARM, POWERPC, ASSEMBLY, C/C++, VISUAL C++, TCP/IP & PIC

Software Engineer #976
MSEE, with over 15 years experience as a Software Engineer. Extensive experience with GUI development in a WINDOWS environment using VISUAL C++, MFC , and JAVA. Recent experience includes system analysis, design and implementation, embedded microprocessors, VxWORKS, iRMX, telecommunication protocols, T1, HDSL, ISDN, SS7, TCP /IP, SNMP, C/C++ and ASSMEBLY language. Additional experience designing firmware for the line cards of HDSL2/4 telecommunication system, 8051 family microcontrollers, I/O drivers and RS232.

Software Engineer #17008
BS, with over 7 years experience as a Software Engineer. Recent experience with designing and implementing a 32-bit, object oriented, multithreaded WINDOWS based software product that provided a GUI between a scientist and a robotic control system, OOD, real-time systems, hardware design for robotic liquid handlers, and embedded controllers for real-time motion control of mechanical systems. Proficient with VISUAL C++, MFC , C++, C#, JAVA, VB, SAS, PASCAL, ORACLE, SQL SERVER, TCP /IP, UDP, MDL, MSI , ASP, . NET , RS232, IEEE, CAN, USB , COM, IIS, LINUX & PERL .

Software Engineer #808
MSCS, with over 6 years experience as a Software Engineer. Strong skills in the design and development of object oriented and relational database systems, complete software release cycle development, and designing complex real-time transactional systems using OOA and OOP. Additional experience in design, development and benchmarking of highly scalable and performance intensive systems, multi-threading, multi-tasking, and client-server technology. Proficient with C/C++, JAVA, UNIX, SOLARIS, ORACLE, UNIX SCRIPTING, TCP/IP, RATIONAL ROSE, UML, PRO*C, VB & VISUAL CafU