Software Engineer #10220
BSCS, with over 5 years experience as a Software Engineer. Recent experience developing GUI interface software for the health care industry, program development, design, coding, and maintenance. Also developed an e-commerce web-based enabling system, message oriented middleware applications, and designed a Multilingual Customer Support System Website. Proficient with JAVA, JSP, C/C++, JDBC, JAVA BEANS, JNI, JAVASCRIPT, HTTP, HTML, XML, ASP, COM, ODBC, SYBASE, VB, ADO , VBA, VERSATA, RMI , IIS, WEBLOGIC, VISUAL CafU, ORACLE & SQL.

Software Engineer #15344
MSEE, with over 10 years experience as a Software Engineer. Recent experience as a Chief Architect responsible for GUI design, client application design, OOP, Web programming, embedded systems, telephony, messaging APIs, and GDI concepts including bitmap and image list manipulation. Additional skills include SUN Certified JAVA Programmer, ACTIVE X Controls, C++, RATIONAL ROSE, JBUILDER, VISUAL STUDIO, MFC, ATL, C#, VB, VB.NET, COM+, COM, DCOM, CORBA, JSP, XML, ASP, ADO, SQL SERVER, ORACLE, ODBC, VxWORKS & TORNADO