Embedded Software Engineer    

Job Description:

The work associated with the position includes, but is not limited to, the following:
* Developing or contributing to the development of project schedules, task and project completion time estimates, detailed software specifications and test plans.
* Conducting and/or managing all necessary development work pertinent to software design including, architecture design, specifications, analysis, design, implementation, testing and related documentation.
* Developing, debugging and supporting microcontroller programs using C on the Motorola ColdFire processor platform
* Developing, debugging and supporting microcontroller programs using C on the Texas Instruments DSP processor platform
* Working with marketing to assure product designs meet the requirements of the market.
* Working with with application engineers to resolve software related customer issues
* Working collaboratively with software and testing engineers to deliver reliable, mission critical embedded software.

At a minimum please have the following:

* BS degree in Electrical Engineering, Power Engineering or Computer Science. Masters degree in Electrical Engineering preferred.
* Demonstrated knowledge of the design, coding, testing, verification, validation and support of embedded microprocessor code
* Strong technical leadership abilities with good interpersonal and communication skills.
* Ability to travel less than 2% of the time with some periods lasting more than a week.

Relevant Experience Required:

* Ten years of experience in the design and development of real-time, mission critical embedded controller software.

Experience in one or more of the following areas is preferred:

* Electric grid automation and/or control for utility applications
* Peer-to-Peer communications techniques with various modalities and protocols
* Programming for agent based artificial intelligence systems
* Application of distributed intelligence in embedded control software