Manufacturing Engineer    

Job Description

Work with manufacturing teams to develop and continuously improve processes. Provide technical support when troubleshooting existing process problems. Work with manufacturing teams to establish the required documents and standardized procedures to manufacture a consistent, high quality and low cost product. Investigate and report on new processes and equipment that will enhance the efficiency of our operations. Provide technical support when determining capital equipment needs. Review and quote changes on current product lines, as well as, new customer part prints. Participate in customer visits and engineering review meetings.

•Develop and maintain timely and accurate process documents and work instructions.
•Demonstrate and teach problem solving skills
•Using corporate software systems (MFGPro), create and update the required cost standards
•With manufacturing technician(s), design manufacturing processes and tools for current parts and new project start-up.
•Coordinate quotes on new parts, gathering the necessary data from the appropriate departments, and other sources.
•Expedite tooling, parts or other materials needed to make a project start-up successful.
•Establish outside vendor contacts, and manage ongoing supplier relations.

SPECIFICATIONS (skills and abilities, knowledge)

Skills and Abilities
•Create clear and concise technical sketches
•Interpret and understand technical drawing standards and G,D & T
•Write clear and concise notes and letters for communication to management, peers, and team members.
•Train all operators in machine operations, document interpretation, SPC, and process improvement activities.
•Take an active role in continuous improvement meetings as facilitator, recorder, or leader.
•When necessary, assist the General Manager in scheduling daily production activities.
•Implement improvement tests from the area improvement team meetings. Collect relevant data and organize the data into a format that can be presented to team members.
•Function effectively in a manufacturing team environment.

Customer Contact
•Maintain business relationships with customers.
•Participate in Concurrent / Value engineering project activities.
•Communicate Continuous Improvement Activities, when appropriate.

•Fundamental mathematics through trigonometry.
•Strong mechanical aptitude and technical skills (experience or tested)
•Machine training; proven knowledge of machining fundamentals