Hardware Engineer #12119
BE (Electronics & Communications) with over 9 years experience as a Hardware Engineer/Systems Programmer. Experience includes DSP, embedded systems, signal conditioning modules, PLC programming, micro-controllers, serial interfaces, GUI, device drivers, MMI/HMI, INTEL, MOTOROLA, I/O, VERILOG, VHDL, PSOS, VXWORKS, analog signals, A/D converters, analog & digital I/O. Other experience includes control systems, data acquisition, SCADA, and memory devices. Skilled with C/C++, Allen-Bradley, VB, FORTRAN, LABVIEW, ASSEMBLY, UNIX, WIN, etc.

Digital Design Engineer #17600
MS, with over 6 years experience as a Digital Design Engineer. Recent experience includes design, research and implementation of digital architectures, networking devices, DSP's, ASIC's, verification, synthesis, timing-analysis and firmware development for SOCs. Additional experience with digital control units for electronic systems, ALTERA FPGA design, VERILOG/VHDL, DFT designs, ARM SOC methodology, CADENCE, SYNOPSYS, VERPLEX LEC, XILINX FPGAs, SYNPLIFY, C++, ASSEMBLY, DSP, and microprocessors and microcontrollers.

Electronic Systems Engineer #8111
BSME and over 15 years experience as a Systems Engineer. Experience includes real-time and parallel processing systems design, DSP programming, algorithm development & analysis, image processing, still & video compression, artifact reduction, feature extraction and filtering, systems & SoC design. Other exp includes ASIC, VHDL, SDRAM, FPGA, C, ASSEMBLY, analog devices, ARM, MICROCHIP PIC, INTEL, BASIC, FORTRAN, PASCAL & Java. Exp with digital cameras, wireless transmission, image processing, video security systems and sonar array analysis systems.

Hardware Engineer #11227
MSEE with over 15 years experience as an Electrical Engineer. Diversified experience in design/ project engineering, R&D, design verification, testing, supporting documentation and product development with an emphasis in analog & digital power electronics products. Other experience with programmable DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, power factor correctors, FPGA logic circuits, DSP algorithms, linear power amplifiers, high voltage power supplies, surge suppressers & UPS. Skilled with SPICE, C, ORCAD, AUTOCAD, MATHCAD, XILINX, FPGA and SPROC DSP development tools.

Hardware Engineer #10043
MSEE with over 15 years experience as a Hardware Engineer. Experience with hardware system architecture, design implementation, functional analysis, timing analysis, and design verification. Also has experience with VHDL, VERILOG, FPGA, ASIC, CPLD, SYNOPSIS, PRIMETIME, MODELSIM, SYNPLICITY, LEONARDO, ALTERA, XILINX, QUICKLOGIC, ACTEL, ARM, ColdFire, H8, M16C, INTEL, MOTOROLA, BLUETOOTH, PCI, PCMCIA,SCSI, FIREWIRE, C, ASSEMBLY, RISC, Video and Digital Audio.

ASIC & FPGA Design Engineer #21488
BSEE, with over 18 years experience in ASIC/FPGA design. Recent experience includes the design of ASIC's and FPGA's, video compression, Synplify and Synopsys design tools, microprocessor-based systems, high-speed pipelined designs, data storage elements, Modelsim and Virsim simulation tools, verification, and code coverage. Also has experience developing algorithms, chip design, cost analysis, noise analysis, core power and ground analysis, and integrated design blocks. Proficient with VERILOG, VHDL, POWERVIEW, MS OFFICE, WINDOWS and UNIX.

Electronic Design Engineer #13806
BSEE, with over 6 years experience as an Electronic Design Engineer. Recent experience designing mix-mode circuits (analog and digital), ASIC design, temperature control circuitry, channel drive circuitry, Lattice CPLD (digital logic), Altera FPGA's, Heater Control circuitry, PWM control voltage window comparators, and LED display. Also has experience with front end amplifiers, prescaler, swallow counter, optical networks, switching, and power supply test equipment design. Proficient with MAX PLUS II, INTUSOFT (SPICE), VIEW DRAW, VIEW TRACE, ORCAD, LINEAR TECH SIMULATION TOOLS, HSPICE, SMART SPICE, and SYNARIO.

Electronic Hardware Designer #11422
BS, with over 20 years experience as an Electronic Hardware Designer. Recent experience as a Principal Design Engineer responsible for the design of board and subsystem level assemblies, high-speed optical networking systems, optical submarine communication, undersea optical networks, chipsets, high speed amplifiers, VCO, PLL, and DC-DC converters. Additional experience with analog and digital fiber optics, semiconductor laser diodes, color LCD's, design of drivers, PCB layout, and prototype circuits. Proficient with ORCAD, EDA, VIEWDRAW, POWER PCB, ANSOFT MAXWELL 2D SI, MS OFFICE, and VISIO.