Mechanical Design Engineer #28200
BSME, with over 20 years experience as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Recent experience includes material handling, belt conveyors, roller tables, design mechanical devices, prototypes machines, automation, offshore pumps, hydraulics, X-ray security screening, sheet metal enclosures, structural steel, plastic, aluminum, panels and consoles. Also has experience designing semi-automated drill pipe-handling systems, P&ID's, pressure vessels, nitrogen control pump system, screw conveyors, chain conveyors and automated raw material systems. Proficient with AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS, AUTODESK INVENTOR 5, PRO-E and MICROSTATION.

Senior Design Engineer #11440
MS, with over 16 years experience as a Senior Design Engineer. Recent experience includes design and layout of conveyor and material handling systems to meet varied customer needs with diverse applications in semiconductor, car manufactures and food industries. Also has experience with air conveyor systems, material transport systems, beverage industry filler lines, packaging lines, vending machine automatic door flip devices and mechanical-structural detail for production and field installation. Proficient with AUTOCAD, MS OFFICE, ISO 9000 and FDA regulations.

Mechanical Designer #800
Over 10 years experience as a Mechanical Designer. Recent experience includes machine design, material handling, conveyor and pump systems, E/M product design, plastic enclosures, plastic injection molding, castings, electronic packaging, stampings, sheet metal enclosures, appliances, tool design, CNC, food process automation systems, PLC and robotics automation manufacturing. Also has experience with Filter Type connectors for military, aerospace, space station, undersea and other mission critical designs. Proficient with AUTOCAD, INVENTOR, MECHANICAL DESKTOP, CADKEY, PRO-E, ORCAD, BRAVOCAD, VERSACAD, MEGACAD, LANCAD, ALLEN BRADLEY and AUTOLISP programming.

Mechanical Designer #14828
Over 20 years experience as a Mechanical Designer. Recent experience includes material handling devices, flexible belt conveyor system with track-contained roller, carrier and chain assembly. Skilled with automated assembly equipment used in high-speed production environments, high powered machines with various drive terrains, hydro/pneumatics, clutch and speed reducers, mechanisms, jigs, fixtures, bonders, mass production component design and E/M packaging. Proficient with PRO-E, PRO/PROCESS, INTRA-NET, PDM, AUTOCAD, ESD and EMI/RF shielding to CE standard.

Machine Design Engineer #22816
BS, with over 12 years experience in the design, sizing, calculations, installations and troubleshooting of special purpose machinery and material handling systems for brewery, winery and chemical warhead demilitarization facilities. Additional experience includes retrofit packaging machinery, conveyors, can/bottling lines, pneumatic and hydraulic operated machines, electrical and electronic drive systems, automated control systems, and CNC milling machines. Proficient with AUTOCAD, MICROSTATION SE, MICROSTATION J-PROJECT BANK, PLC's and MS OFFICE.