HVAC Project Engineer (PE) #26800
BSME , PE , with over 6 years experience as a Project Engineer. Extensive experience with HVAC projects ranging from small commercial office spaces to large complexes with central plants up to 600 tons. Designed large HVAC systems, which can handle the large latent loads associated with schools and public cafeterias. Also has experience with project management, load calculations, duct design, equipment layout, piping design, plumbing, electrical, construction, cost estimating, and proposals. Proficient with AUTOCAD 2000, SOLIDWORKS, EXCEL, WP, TAP and HCCV.

HVAC Plumbing Design Engineer (PE) #19402
MSME , PE (CA), with over 12 years experience as an HVAC-Plumbing Design Engineer. Recent experience includes design/drafting of HVAC-Plumbing for schools, administration buildings, central plant chiller and boiler replacement projects. Additional skills include selecting roof top packages, boilers, pumps, control valves, air handlers, heat pumps, split units, load calculations, ductwork, piping, riser diagrams, fan coils, utility and exhaust fans, chillers, cooling towers and material take-offs. Proficient with AUTOCAD, CARRIER and TRANE units.

HVAC Design Drafter #14604
AA, with over 7 years experience as an HVAC Drafter/Designer. Recently responsible for basic design of HVAC and plumbing systems. Plumbing skills include sizing of water, natural gas, waste and vent piping, as well as laying out piping systems from points of connection. Additional experience includes duct layout, sizing, condensate drain piping layout, site plans, P&ID's, PFD drawings, mechanical assembly, isometric drawings, electrical plans, hospital floor plans and demolition plans. Proficient with AUTOCAD, AUTOCAD LT and ARCHITECTURAL DESKTOP.

Plumbing-Fire Protection Designer #980
Over 16 years experience as a Plumbing-Fire Protection Designer. Recent experience includes plumbing and fire protection design for commercial, medical, military, residential and multi-story residential buildings. Has experience with fire sprinkler systems, project management, construction administration, tenant improvement design, hydraulic calculations, underground fire systems, flow testing, domestic water, high pressure gas systems, backflow devices, reduce pressure valves, sewer systems, sewer ejectors, electrical branch circuits, amp load, low voltage alarms and heating/ac wiring. Proficient with AUTOCAD, NFPA, UBC, UPC and UMC codes.

Piping Designer #17404
Over 10 years experience as a Piping Designer. Recent experience includes piping detailed design drawings, documentation control, light electrical/instrumentation work, training of personnel, blueprint reading, P&ID's, plot plans, charts, graphs, forms and preparing material take-offs for bulk piping projects. Well versed in AUTOCAD R12-2002, REBIS P&ID and blueprint machines.