Job Summary

We are looking for talented and results-driven leaders to take the helm and oversee production are our corporate warehouse. You will be responsible for motivating, training and guiding a team of hard-working individuals. If you are ready to take on the job, we invite you to apply for the position and learn more about our company. 

Job Responsibilities
  •  Review the processes and protocol set forth to determine whether it is the most effective approach to managing production.
  •  Monitor the performance of your team members to ensure they are all contributing adequately and working safely.
  •  Develop protocol to handle emergency situations and other obstacles that may arise throughout your work on the production line and elsewhere in the warehouse.
  •  Address issues surrounding efficiency and quality control in order to maintain high standards of productivity and avoid any lapses in performance.
  •  Hold all team members fully accountable for their role in the final product produced, its quality and the efficiency with which it is produced.
  •  Lead your team in developing effective work habits, efficient skills and high standards for quality.
  •  Conduct regular audits of productivity and quality to identify any shortcomings and maintain the high standard your team adheres to.
  •  Ensure that the final product created by your team is made in accordance with the highest level of safety and efficiency and meets standards of quality.
Job Skills & Qualifications


  •  Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  •  Excellent management and leadership abilities
  •  Familiarity with manufacturing equipment
  •  Prior experience in a warehouse environment
  •  Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and superior interpersonal communication skills
  •  Experience supervising or managing in a production environment