Title: Project Engineer
Reports to: Engineering Manager

Position Description

The Project Engineer supports the Engineering Manager and Project Managers in providing quotations for fluid processing engineered solutions to our customers. To do this the Project Engineer will perform:
  • Customer Requirement Documentation: Visit the customer to determine the quotation requirements such as

but not limited to: fill rates, product viscosity, tank sizes, product heating and cooling requirements, space constraints, etc.
  • Engineered Solution: Design sanitary processing system for Beverage, Juice and Dairy industry. Engineers a solution with a process flow diagram (PFD) to accomplish the customer's requirement. The engineer will calculate and document the following in the PFD:

o Product and utility line routing to interconnected equipment using valves and flow panels.
  • Heat transfer requirements.
  • Pressure drop calculations.
  • Flow rates required to clean the equipment in place (CIP).
  • Size pumps, process line sizes, valves, utility requirements and heat exchangers based on the above information.
  • Cost Estimation: Procure vendor quotes per requirements for the engineered solution.
  • Handles bids from outside contractors and tracks financial status time line of projects.
  • Vendor quotes for materials.
  • Vendor quotes for electrical and controls.
  • Work with company Project Managers to estimate the labor cost required to install the solution.
  • Presents a Bid to the Customer: Assemble a bid for the customer based on estimated labor from the Project Manager, required engineering time, vendor and contractor quotes documented in the PFD and discovery process.
  • Conducts project bid presentation to customer with project management.
  • Awarded Project Engineering Support: Upon award of the project provides engineering support by:
  • Placing material requisition requests with provided vendor quotes with the company Purchasing Manager to order required materials for the project.
  • Manage the lead times to produce an estimated timeline of project start, steps and completion.
  • Keep supervision of material deliveries and help the Project Manager coordinate installation steps to correspond with deliveries of required equipment for each step.
  • Coordinates jobs schedule with project managers and all equipment suppliers, sub-contractors and customer representatives to minimize production down time.
  • Plans schedules and coordinates the work of those assigned to assist in the execution of projects and problems.
  • Create Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) for the project. Sends a bill of materials (BOM) to the project manager to help identify materials received and correspond them to the engineered installation drawing.
  • Provides project start-up and commissioning support on engineered projects.
  • Performs other engineering support for engineered projects.

  • Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
  • Must have experience in mechanical drafting using AutoCAD and Inventor (or equivalent 3d modeling program such as Solidworks).
  • Must have experience in Microsoft Word and Excel. Experience in Microsoft Project is a plus.
  • Knowledge of Fluid Dynamics, Fluid pressure drop calculations for process piping.
  • Knowledge of Thermodynamics and heat transfer.
  • Knowledge of centrifugal and positive displacement pumps and heat exchangers is a plus. However, BEECO will train candidates.
  • Understanding or knowledge in creating a Process and Instrumentation Diagram and terminology.
  • Related Job Experience mentioned above is a plus.
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