Brief Summary of Position:
Inspects (as needed) machined parts or assemblies to drawing or specification using visual and/or precision mechanical techniques and tools. Capable of using dial indicators, micrometers, measuring microscope and dowel pins. Records and reports inspection findings. Able to read and understand Engineering drawings or specifications to obtain product information, such as specified material, surface finish, and dimensions.  Documents non-conformance using released forms and logs.
Provides technical support to the Manufacturing Manager/Department, guides lower-skilled quality technician/inspectors, and performs measurement validations/inspections. Responsible for operation and programming of required equipment.
Essential Duties of the Position:
  • Inspect machined parts, purchased parts, and assemblies
  • Prepare accurate, written inspection reports
  • Responsible for writing NCRs (Nonconforming Report)
  • Other inspection related duties as requested by management
  • Knowledge of GD&T symbols and meaning
  • Prepare accurate, written inspection reports, including AS9102 First Article Inspection forms.
  • Responsible for incoming NCRs (Nonconforming Report) from others
Requirements (education, prior work experience, special skills, etc.)
  • High school diploma or equivalent.  AA or certification in related field preferred.
  • Min. 3 years related machine shop precision parts inspection experience.
  • Experience with measuring tools and capability of measuring with a tolerance of +/- .001” or smaller
  • Knowledge and experience with calipers; micrometers; indicators; various gauges, e.g.,  height gauges; height masters; air gauges
  • Computer skills, including; Word, Excel, ERP system interface
  • Knowledge of GD&T symbols and what they mean