Transport Interconnect Engineer:
Job description:
Transport Interconnect Engineer with deep understanding of VoIP Call Flows, data sessions and interfaces. This person will identify and recommend network architecture for peering voice and data traffic as well as signaling protocols and traffic engineering throughout the 5G transport network.
The Transport Interconnect Engineer will be responsible for evaluating and performing detailed engineering activities supporting the design, development, and optimization of the voice and data interconnection in a wireless network.This person may also be responsible for equipment ordering with associated transport facilities.
This role is a key, strategic part of our business and presents an opportunity to implement and optimize the latest networking solutions.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
  • Develop VoIP call flow requirements for the 5G system in conjunction with the system transport and architecture team.
  • Develop data session requirements for the 5G system in conjunction with the system transport and architecture team.
  • Working knowledge of VoIP protocols, data protocols and Signaling requirements.
  • Implement Best Practices for VoIP and data traffic engineering, LCR and dimensioning circuits.
  • System architecture including reliability and redundancy requirements.
  • Responsible for developing and supporting transport/ traffic engineering portions of network projects such as VoIP traffic, data sessions, E911, and IP based technologies.
  • Develop CALEA interface and call flow model
  • Recommend network improvements to the local RF and IP network engineering teams.
  • Actively contribute to improvements and participate in innovation, lessons learned, and knowledge sharing activities.
  • Ensure that work meets all applicable engineering, financial, planning, and operational standards.

  • 8 + years Telecommunications Network experience
  • Must have a strong understanding of data and VoIP network architecture, infrastructure components, Ethernet, fiber optic transport and data traffic engineering.
  • Detailed understanding of Signalling requirements to include SS7, DSC, SIP, Client and others.
  • Experience designing and implementing connections for the PSAP facilities and E911 calling.
  • Have implemented and have a detailed knowledge of various OAM&P platforms (EMS/NMS).
  • Familiarity with Optical Networks, OTN, DWDM, ROADM, SDH, SONET, optical transmission technologies, Ethernet, Wave, Switching, Routing, Data Networks, DCN, and Synchronization of optical networks.
  • Analyzing new network requirements, deployments, augmentations, bandwidth upgrades and software upgrades.
  • Ability to write detailed technical specifications for circuit requirements for procurement.
  • Experience with pathing, hot cuts, trunking, and migrations.
  • Ability to manage multiple commitments simultaneously.
  • Excellent communication and follow-up skills a must.
  • Proven ability to work independently and escalate issues appropriately.
  • Ability to delivery in fast-paced high volume environment supporting aggressive targets.
  • Bachelor's Degree; advanced degree preferred.