Key Points to be noted:
  1. Hands on experience deploying 5G packet core networks in Production Network.
  2. Hands on experience creating MOP's / CIQ's / Deployment Guides.
  3. Experience with 5G SA architecture and packet core elements associated with that namely AMF, SMF, UPF , NRF, PCF, NSSF, BSF etc. Actual hands on experience needed with installation/configuring and managing these network elements in Production environment.
  4. Hands on experience with Containerized micro services architecture and CNF's; VNF/legacy core knowledge not preferred.
  5. Hands on experience with CNI's like MULTUS, CALICO, SR-IOV to define network definitions.
  6. Hands on experience with Installation/ troubleshooting/ Deployment of network elements in a Micro Services K8s Environment.
  7. Hands on experience with VMWare vSphere , ESXi preferred.
  8. Experience working with CI/CD pipelines and scale in and scale out of infrastructure.
    The successful candidate will establish and maintain close relationships with internal peers, (Fellow Core and Network Engineers, Development Engineers, Product Engineers, Security Engineers, and PMs), as well as the Leadership team. They must possess a mix of broad networking knowledge, virtualized platforms, as well DevOps methodologies.

    Primary responsibilities fall into the following categories:
    • Deploys and supports wireless core network functions.
    • Engages with vendor personnel regarding new services and features as well as upgrades.
    • Participate in the investigation of innovative 5G technologies to improve the network virtualization infrastructure.
    • Ensure that solutions adhere to defined standards and best practices and/or assist in the development of these standards and best practices.
    • Routinely research, analyze, test, retest, and troubleshoot complex problems.
    • Able to work in a fast-paced environment, under pressure, with strict deadlines, both as an individual contributor and team player.
    • Participate in knowledge transfer, documentation and information sharing while staying abreast of new technology/technical areas.
    • Other duties as assigned.

    A successful Wireless Core Engineer will have the following:
    • Cloud Native Architecture
      • Demonstrate strong skills in DevOPs, CI/CD, SRE
      • Demonstrate Unit and system test as a mindset using test automation frameworks
      • Some experienc in Kubernetes regarding containers / Microservices principles
      • Expertise in writing, debugging and optimizing code, and automating routine tasks
      • Experience running systems in public cloud (e.g. AWS, Azure, GCP) as well as private data centers
    • Proven work experience in 5G / CUPS / LTE.
    • Knowledge and documented work experience in the following functions: SMF/UPF/AMF/NRF/NSSF/PCF/UDM/AUSF/MME, SAEGW, SPGW, ePDG with Cloud Native Architecture.
    • General understanding of standard networking protocols and components such as HTTP, DNS, SRV6, TCP/IP, ICMP and load balancing.
    • Bachelor's degree in Electrical/Computer Engineering preferred, or three or more years of professional experience.