Brief Summary of Position:
On a production basis, performs light mechanical assembly work of moderate complexity. Assembly procedures may involve adjusting, trimming, and fitting parts to moderately close tolerances, working with parts or components that are difficult to handle, and other skills that require good dexterity and facility in the use of a variety of hand tools. Work is not typically highly repetitive, but the cycle of repetition may be short enough to allow the development of some habit patterns. Works from detailed blueprints, assembly sketches, or other input documents of similar complexity. May make minor procedural decisions in fitting and adjusting of parts, etc., but always within established guidelines.

Essential Duties of the Position:
  • Using kitted parts, assembles product according to specific procedures.
  • Evaluate/repair calibration and gage kits per customer requirements.
  • Verifies conformance of finished work piece to customer needs according to planning and work order.
  • Performs mechanical inspection from calibration and repair (C&R) work orders.
  • Glues foam on calibration/gage kit boxes using properly fitted mask.
  • Performs gold plating on small components following specific guidelines and procedures.
  • Complies with company quality systems, including correctly completing all related documents.
Requirements (education, prior work experience, special skills, etc.)
Note: The requirements listed below represent the knowledge and skill/experience required.
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
  • Education level sufficient to perform job duties.
  • Significant experience performing light mechanical assembly.
  • Able to read blueprints, work with small tools, including under a microscope.
  • Knowledge/use of measuring gauges (e.g., micrometers, calipers). Good manual dexterity to handle small parts.
  • Assemble assorted gage and calibration kit boxes according to specific procedures/drawings and filling the kits with the specified product to complete the work order.
  • Engrave assorted product according to specific procedures/drawings.
  • Final inspection/detail of all products to ensure the integrity and quality before shipping to the customer.
  • Use of inspection tools (gage kits, calipers, and height gages).