Summary: Production CNC Operator availability night shift (3:30pm-12:00am) shift, Monday through Friday

Primary role:
* Load material and operate a horizontal mill cell.
* Inspect parts manually and with CMM
Secondary role:
* Load material and operate a vertical/lathe as needed

Primary Responsibilities:
* Increase utilization by prioritizing and organizing jobs effectively
* Prepare necessary hand tools, loading sheets and material to minimize loading time
* Maintain regular status of jobs (quantities, part operation status)
* Visually inspect parts for flaws or defects throughout the machining process
* Check/maintain for chip build-up and coolant spills around machines
* Perform daily maintenance and clean-up on machines
* Ability to pass our Math and Measurement and hands-on tests

General Requirements:
* Experience with blue prints, calipers, and micrometers (there is a test on this)
* Ability to communicate and read in the English language. Reading in the English language is a key aspect of the job.
* Communicate clearly with co-workers and supervisor

Work Experience Requirements:
* 3+ year work experience in a machine-shop, preferably on a horizontal machining cell

Education Requirements:
* High School Diploma or G.E.D

Physical Demand Requirements:
* Able to stand/walk for the majority of the shift (8 hours)
* Able to regularly lift and move material up to 45lbs of weight
* Able to regularly use hands and wrists to tighten, twist and secure items
* Able to perform basic cleaning and maintenance tasks (shoveling, mopping, wiping, etc.)