Key Responsibilities (but not limited to):

Responsible for controlling overall US yield/scrap

Track yield/scrap trend working inconjunction with Quality
Identify and provide solutions mitigating risk (Operations,Quality,Suppliers,i.e.)for

contributing high cost yield/scrap
Drive implementation and track success.

Responsible for developing US metal manufacturing system

Design and maintenance process flow for metal manufacturing, working in conjunction with Operations

Design and create documentation (OMS,WI,BKMs,i.e.) for metal manufacturing, working in conjunction with Operations

Responsible for maintaining/improving US plastic manufacturingsystem
Responsible for managing high value NPI products

Focal point for selected NPI program management
Design manufacturing/inspections trategy working in conjunction with Operations

Responsible for new technology introduction

New or existing technology
Responsible for DFM

Should cost for identified high value products
Design cost reductions from identified products




Detail documentation of specialty processes( Workinstructions,OMS,i.e.)


First build process development and documentation for Assemblies
Resolve equipment, quality issues or documentation issues for production parts 
  Design toolings and fixtures, or make recommendations for manufacturing team
Identify continuous process improvements
Create CAD models/drawings as needed

Essential Skills: