Job Overview
This position reports to the Vice President of Engineering and is responsible for supporting our manufacturing process from the hand-off from engineering through our manufacturing process which includes our local and Taiwan vendors.
The following are some of the subjects:
Manufacturing Documentation (Specification, Procedures, Inspections)
Technical Support (Machine Tools, Mechanical Mechanisms, Manufacturing Techniques)
Vendors (Purchasing Specifications, Communications and Travel to Taiwan)
Projects (New Product Testing and Process Definition)
Manufacturing Process (Define, Develop, Implement and Maintain)
Job Requirements
Must be able to organize various situations into written documents which are descriptive of the problem and the diligent to following up with status communications until it's resolved. Also must be able to demonstrate good mechanical troubleshooting skills to support subjects like vibration, machine geometry and other challenging subjects.

Job Qualifications
This position requires a four-year degree in Mechanical or Manufacturing Engineering and 10 years or more of hands experience with troubleshooting mechanical mechanisms relating to Machine Tools.