Job description

  • Responsible for ensuring utility coordination and design coordination with utility service standards
  • Responsible for generating and/or reviewing all technical electrical system analysis reports and or studies
  • Analyzing load readings
  • Voltage drop
  • Transients and harmonics
  • Analyzing fault studies
  • Analyzing load flow reports
  • Analyzing short circuit coordination
  • Ambient de-rating as it relates to duct bank configuration and environment
  • Application of switchgear, switchboards and panelboards and when to use which
  • Emergency power systems, legally required and optional standby systems, paralleling generation, transfer switch technology and application, prime movers, and all related controls and interfaces.
  • Transformers (dry type and liquid filled)
  • Uninterruptable power systems
  • Vertical, overhead and underground distribution within and exterior to buildings
  • Motor controls
  • Grounding and lightning protection
  • Surge protective devices
  • Automatic relay based lighting controls
  • Modular and networked dimming systems
  • Occupant/vacancy sensing technology
  • Contactor based lighting control
  • Must be able to analyze and produce studies utilizing a computer based electrical system analysis tool such as SKM Power Tools, ETAP, EDSA, etc....
  • Responsible for generating and updating specifications for use on projects
  • Responsible for design of fire alarm systems and ensuring coordination between fire alarm and fire protection systems
  • Responsible for coordination of low voltage systems, including but not limited to telecommunications, security, AV, nurse call, mass notification, etc....

Desired Skills and Experience
Candidates must possess a minimum of 4 years' experience of electrical design for commercial, healthcare data center and/or institutional buildings along with:
  • Oral and written communications skills
  • Medium voltage (5 KV to 38 KV) power distribution
  • Low voltage (600 V class) building power distribution
  • In depth knowledge of lighting and lighting control systems
  • Fire alarm system design and in depth knowledge of the NFPA preferred
  • Standby and Prime electrical power generation and switching technology
  • Power and lighting system design in classified and various research environments
  • In depth knowledge of grounding and lightning protection systems
  • In depth knowledge of Healthcare Power Distribution Electrical Power Distribution System design and analysis
  • Power system modeling and analysis utilizing SKM Power Tools©
  • A working knowledge of AutoCAD and/or BIM System(s), specifically REVIT MEP and Microsoft Office suite of business software